Sunday, June 13, 2010

Morni Himachali Song sung by Mohit chauhan..:)

Amma poochdi sun dhiye mere aee
Dhubari itni tu kiya kareeya hoyee yee

[Mother Asks Listen O my daughter,
Why are you so restless?]

Paarli vaniya mor jo bole ho
Amma ji ina more nindara gawayi ho

[Daughter says: The peacock is hooting in the next forest,
O mother, his hooting has taken away my sleep]

Sad le bandukiyo sad le shikari jo
Dhiye bhlaa idaa mor maar girana ho

[Mother says: Lets call hunters and gunner,
O daughter we will take this peacock down.]

Morni marna ayeeee ooooooo
Morni marna morni gawana ho
Oh ammaji inda mor hinjare puwana ho

[Daughter says: No we will not shoot it,
I will put it in a cage]

Kuthi janda chandrama
Kuthi janda tare ho
Ohh aamji kuthi jande dilla-de piyare hoo

[Where does moon go and where do all stars go?
O mother, where do all our dear ones go? ]

Ho chuhpi janda chandrama
Chhupi jandee tare hoo
Dhiye bhala nayyoo chupe dilande pyare ho

[Moon hides and so do all the stars,
But my dear daughter, our dear ones don't disappear anywhere as they remains in our heart.]

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