Friday, July 11, 2008

Inspiration Poem...!!!

Where my mind goes, my energy will follow.
My mind is open to new possibilities.
I see the positive side for everything that happens.
I can easily turn negatives into positives.
There are no limits to my imagination.
I am choosing to do my best effort every day.
I have a healthy, positive self-image.
I am strong, powerful, and determined.
I can see it, and I will achieve it.
I believe in myself: I radiate confidence and energy.
I train well no matter what the conditions.
I focus intensely on my goal even in the face of obstacles.
My goals are well within my capabilities.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Inspiration Tips

  • Don't put yourself down. Everyone is different and has a valuable contribution to make to a diverse society. You are important for the person you are.
  • Don't stop yourself from doing what you want to do as long as it doesn't harm you or others.
  • Remember that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Be careful not to portray a pompous or cocky attitude.
  • Never excuse your virtues. For example, don't say, "Sorry for being here on time" when your friend is not ready.
  • A lot of the time, peer pressure is to blame for lack of confidence. Some peer pressure is good, but never give in if you feel it's wrong. Trust yourself.
  • Sometimes a person will compliment you just to get something. Depending on the situation/person, the "something" can be anything from money to a night out. Don't be a cynic, but don't be gullible. (Trust in your instincts. They are usually right!)
  • Never let negative people, ones who always cry about everything in their lives or those who point smallest flaws in you with intention to hurt you, tell you anything. Most people do this when they know that you are better than them.
  • Don't expect these steps to work overnight. Confidence must gradually be developed by a pattern of positive thinking and action; it can't be faked. (Unless your ENTJ, then it can be faked, but only for a short period of time.)

Inspiration Tips

  • Don't compare yourself with other people. It is a wasteful pursuit and you could be doing something better with your time and energy. Know what you, personally, want and expect from yourself, and focus on attaining those things. The things that you want and expect from yourself don't have anything to do with how you measure up to others.
  • Consider attending leadership classes. Learn to take control of things. If you are in school, then consider running for a social position, such as a president of a club. The ability to lead others and respond to others' behavior under your leadership will help to bring you self confidence.
  • Listen to your inner monologue—your inner voice. In situations where you believe you lack confidence, realize that your inner voice is telling you negative things. You need to retrain that inner voice to be positive in those situations. If you need help, find someone who can help you do that.
  • Speak positively at all times. When you hear yourself saying something negative about yourself, instantly replace it with a positive comment.
  • You have to reprogram your subconscious by repeatedly telling it how confident you are, it will believe you in time.
  • Know where you are going and follow through.
  • Don't feel shy when talking to a stranger. Smile while you talk, as that will make you feel confident.
  • No matter how you look, feel good about yourself from within. This attitude will make you confident.
  • Walk 20% faster than your normal pace, stand and walk with your spine straight and hold your chin high. These physical posture will force you to think positive and be confident.
  • These wonderful tips can be practiced if you pay attention to your innate faculties. Thus boost your kindness, consideration, empathy, exuberance, generosity, curiosity, concern, forgiveness, convictions by suitable actions. This is possible through caring for your true self [Cf: Superliving: Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar]