Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are we heading in the right direction?

The greatest gift given by GOD is the gift of life. Unfortunately most of us take our lives for granted. We just exist not LIVE. Thus we fail to appreciate the simple joys of life. From morning to evening we are just running around. We are simply running to achieve one goal and then start on with the next one. Life has become a rat race. No time to stop, think and contemplate where our life is heading? Where are we going? It might so happen that in this race of life we reach the top of the ladder, just to realize that the ladder is facing the wrong wall. This reminds me of a story of an architect.

Once upon a time there was a world renowned architect. He had constructed some of the finest buildings and structures. However, he got bored of his work and wanted to quit and live a life in peace and comfort. When he told his boss about his decision, his boss got very sad and requested him to make one last house. Very reluctantly the architect accepted the offer and started with his work giving less than his best efforts. When the house got constructed his boss came to see his last and final creation. On meeting the architect, the boss handed over the house keys to him as a token of appreciation for his years of service and excellence. This came as a shock to the architect. The house didn’t match with the excellence of any of his creations. He lamented thinking had he known that this would be his house, he would have made it so very differently.

Isn’t this the same with all of us. We build our lives step by step often putting in less than our best. And then with a shock we realize on a later date that we have to live in the house that we have built. Like the architect in the story we are tempted to rebuild our house. But Alas we cannot go back. We are the carpenter of our house, the architect of our building. Each day we hammer a nail, place a board or erect a wall. Our attitude and choices of today will build our ‘house’ for tomorrow. So build wisely!!!

Keep questioning yourself ‘Is our activities of today incongruence with our goals of tomorrow?’, ‘Are we heading in the right direction?’, ‘Are we giving our best shot?’. Let us enjoy and live each and every moment of our lives to its fullest because ultimately ‘Its Our Life.’

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